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We all know it takes money to buy real estate. The great thing is it does not take your money to buy real estate. And that is why we created this list of private money lenders. These lenders make money when they lend to you. And that is why they lend. A no brainer we know. But people forget that for a lender to make any money they have to lend.

For $997 you get access to a host of private money lenders who have indicated they want to lend on real estate deals. You have access for a full year with that list being updated every month. You are going to be on the cutting edge of Private Money Lenders every month.

These are lenders who waiting, wanting and willing to invest. So buy the list, call the private money lender and present your deal.

At Privatemoneypro.com we are not into long sales pages. You are here because you would like to have access to more private money to fund your real estate deals. Whether it is a fix and flip or a buy and hold, either way you need money for that. That is why you are here.

This company was created by Real Estate Investors just like you, except we have raised millions of dollars of private money and we know exactly what we are doing. There are others trying to sell private money list as well and they think raising $300,000 dollars is a big deal. Well it is not. So you can go with the group who can raise $300,000 or the group who has raised millions. We know we know, another no brainer.

Private money saves you so much on each deal that you can put an extra 5K to 10K in your pocket on every deal. Well worth it.

So it saves you money, it makes you money and the list we provide for you hardly costs you any money at all. So get full access now and start calling your future financing partners today. We update the list every thirty days. So stay up to speed every month with a fresh new list of private money lenders every month.

We want you to be so happy with this decision that you tell all of your friends about it as well. So we offer you a full one year 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied then let us know and we will refund your money. We want you to be happy, not grumpy.

Happy investing and we hope it changes your world like it did ours!


  • "Wow so many lenders in one place and I have had two of my Deals funded and more to follow.  This List rocks!" Richard - Las Vegas, NV
  • "Who knew getting people to fund your real estate deals was this easy?  I know that now! Thanks Private Money Pro!"  Jeff  Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • "I was skeptical at first but I am now a believer! Why? Because I got my deal funded! Excited!"  Jessica  Seattle, WA
  • "I have been searching for something like this forever! You actually provided what you said you would.  Now I need to find more deals!"  Loretta  Canton, OH
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